Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Stage 1

The identified skin cancer is marked. Local anesthetic is given via a small injection. Once the area is numb and sterilized, the Mohs surgeon will proceed to remove the tissue. This is then mapped and sent for processing in the laboratory.

Whilst awaiting the results of the results of Stage 1, the wound is dressed, and the patient may wait in the waiting area.

Stage 2

Once the results are back, the Mohs surgeon will read the slides to see if there are any remaining skin cancer cells. If there are, the patient will undergo removal of another skin layer only at the involved segment of the wound (under local anaesthesia). The tissue will be mapped and sent to the laboratory for processing.

Stage 3 onwards (if required)

These stages are repeated until all tissue margins are clear. Once the margin is clear, the wound will be reconstructed. The Mohs surgeon will discuss with you options of reconstruction which includes skin flaps or grafts.