Researchers surveyed 681 people in Singapore and found that 21% of children and 11% of adults have eczema, highlighting the prevalence of this condition.

Are you experiencing the constant discomfort caused by eczema?

Dr. Sue-Ann Ho Ju Ee, a Consultant Dermatologist with a focus on eczema and various dermatological conditions, is here to provide you with the specialised care you deserve.


Atopic Dermatitis (AD), a form of eczema, can present with dry, itchy and inflamed skin. This chronic condition can impact your daily life, affecting your comfort and confidence. But there's hope. With proper care and personalised treatment strategies, you can manage eczema effectively and enjoy relief from its symptoms.


With over 17 years of medical experience, Dr. Sue-Ann specialises in treating eczema and a range of dermatological concerns.


Dr. Sue-Ann takes a holistic approach to your well-being, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of the condition.


Every individual is unique, and so is their eczema. Dr. Sue-Ann develops personalised treatment plans that consider your specific needs and lifestyle.

Eczema Care

Dr. Sue-Ann and her team are dedicated to providing effective eczema care


Treatment Plans


We begin with a thorough evaluation of your condition, ensuring we understand the severity and triggers of your eczema.

Based on your evaluation, Dr. Sue-Ann will create a personalised treatment plan that may include topical treatments, oral medications, and advanced therapies.

Eczema management is a journey. Dr. Sue-Ann will be with you every step of the way, adjusting your treatment plan as needed to ensure the best possible results.

Your Path to
Eczema Relief
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Say goodbye to the discomfort of eczema and hello to healthier, happier skin. Dr. Sue-Ann Ho Ju Ee's expertise is your key to finding relief. Don't let eczema control your life – take control with specialised care tailored to your needs.

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